WPMU Dev Agency Yearly – For Business Platform


Free for our iCert Members after first audits no matter what level they are ranked it will easily help and make it easier for them to follow web guidelines, images sizes, load times and security.
Used for Chamber of Commerce, Trade & Business Associations, Black Caucus



The backbone of iUrbanNetwork for business, WPMUdev has been there since the beginning of wordpress when the market changed from html/css developed websites to a comprehensive open-source platform that has made all our lives as marketers and web developers easier since 2010-2011. Eventually the founders would branch off but still acting as 1 as the market grew quicker than anyone ever imagined with SEO, eCommerce, Security, Plugins/Extensions & the rise of blogging. They all took one of those and they even took it up to another level and without you even knowing it those companies took over but I guarantee you know them.

Yoast SEO
Wordpress.org (Blogging Platform)
Wordpress.com (Open-source CMS Platform for creating & managing websites.)

when taking over the plugins/features portion of wordpress taking over the  one of the founding